Product Overview

ColorWood® is made up of colored laminated hardwood veneers that have been compressed into easy to work with sheets, blocks and dowels.  ColorWood® is easy to machine, easily accepts finish and makes for beautiful, durable and unique finished products.

This wood laminate made of natural and brightly dyed northern hardwood veneers is used to create a wide range of attractive gifts and novelties, from rolling pins, candle holders and walking sticks to unique writing instruments.

Unique color configurations and multi color layups provide nearly unlimited design choices.


The final applications are limited only by your imagination. Successful applications have included, but are not limited to the following: Rolling Pins, Walking Sticks, Crafts, Curios, Bow Risers, Pens, Ornaments. To see examples of what customers have made with RPC's ColorWood®, please visit the Applications Photo gallery

Technical Specifications:

Species: Birch
Length and Width
Birch: 51”(L) x 16.5”(W) or 35.5”(L) x 12”(W) Note: Length is in direction of grain.  Width is across the grain
Thickness: ½” –3”
Custom thickness available up to 16”
Plys per inch: Birch: Approximately 15 plys/inch

Additional Forms: Panels Shown above are available custom sawn or planed to your dimensions. 
Also available in dowel form (5/16”-2”)

*Prices and Technical specifications are subject to change without notice

How to Place an Order for ColorWood®

1) Step One: Decide whether you want Panels, Squares or Dowels

2) Step Two: Choose the size you want. ColorWood® is available in two sizes:

51”(L) x 16.5”(W) or 35.5”(L) x 12”(W)

3) Choose the thickness you want: ColorWood® is available in thicknesses starting at 1/2" and ending at 3"

4) Choose the color you want. Here, you can either choose a Standard Color or make your own Custom Layup. If you choose a Custom Layup, you will need to use the Online configuration tool. Once you have completed the design of your layup, you will be given a code which identifies your order style. Hold on to this code. It is required to complete your order.

5) Find the price for the panel you are looking for on the price sheet. If you do not have a price sheet, please fill out our Request Pricing Information form. We will send you price sheet and an order form that has all of the information we need to process your order. Please be aware that RPC has manufacturing minimums.

Manufacturing Minimums for Panels

Under 1" of thickness, minimum order is 6 panels per color per thickness

Over 1" of thickness, minimum order is 4 panels per color per thickness

Manufacturing Minimums for Squares and Dowels

If you order squares or dowels, the minimum order is the yield of 4 or 6 panels, depending upon the thickness.

5) Complete the Order Form and send it to us via e-mail or fax. We will then contact to finalize details of your order.

Color Choices

ColorWood is available in an almost unlimited variety of color combinations. Choose from one of our standard colors or layups. You can also design your own with our "Custom ColorWood® Layup Tool".

Standard Colors

P Q      

Standard Layups

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13    


“Rod & Staff has worked with Rutland Plywood Corporation for years.  RPC’s ColorWood® product is integral to the quality and differentiation of our high quality cane products.  It’s a beautiful, unique, value added product that adds value to our business

— Guy Myers, Owner
Rod & Staff, LLC

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